To: Kim Hyoyeon ♥

♥ YAH! Hyoyeon-ah!, ♥

This blog text is made for you and dedicated to you, even though it has some Hwang Posts, It’s called LovingKimHyoyeon.

You seriously make me laugh. With you it’s constant so I feel very proud to be a HyoHunnie.

I know I shouldn’t get crazy on Youtube or other social sites that TRY to put you down but it’s because my heart aches when I read some of the non-sense about you.

I started being your fan from Gee. The hat was too lean to not like you and your sideburns charmed me.

I thought you were beautiful and you still are. I feel pleased that other people are starting to notice because you deserve the attention.

It’s funny how people do not recognize your talent. You are so talented and dedicated. It’s not easy making people laugh but you do it with just a smile. It’s not easy to do the dancing you do especially in those heels. You dance with ease and that is what I admire. You can also sing and better than the average person so I consider that amazing.You can dance like a goddess but when you get home you’re a troll. You are the best of both worlds.

You have many more talents and charms but it’s your heart I adore Hyoyeon.

I’m glad my eyes found you.

To Your Members:

You care so well for Seohyun like she is your blood sister. I think you make her stronger and come out of her strict shell. Plus, you love to be a unnie. Even your inner-self is a unnie.

You and Yoona are a perfect prankster team. I know she looks up to you and I’m sure they all do. I think you let Yoona be who she really is inside which is a Choding/Tomboy. Your jokes probably give her a break from all the busy hard schedules that the shallow world offers her for her face.

You and Sooyoung one of my favourites. I think you are more like yourself around her and tell her things that hurt you instead of the makneas telling you what hurt them. Sooyoung is like a big warm embrace that you can go to. I feel you talk the most comfortable with her and I know she is very fond of you from what she says and does.

You and Yuri. Yuri said she is the happiest dancing with you. I think you better her with the dancing. Competition is always good to grow. It looks like you would go to Yuri for affection without words since I always see you guys hugging with no conversation.

You and Tiffany LOL! My favourite. I feel like Tiffany needs you more than you need her. She always wants to dance and talk to you and you just nod your head or smile. You give her the satisfaction by dancing goofy with her. She admires you humour, so always make her laugh since her family is far away and you guys are the only ones she has.

You and Sunkyuuu~~  Okay, you guys are cute together. I think you let out your physically frustrations with Sunny. If you’re not punching her stomach you’re chocking her ass out on a ride. I think she helps you build and is supportive. Sunny said your fans value you more and are special she is right. Obviously we are not loud as Sooyoung’s screaming pterodactyl fan or Yoona’s fan but we will get louder, give us some time. Thanks Sunny for saying so, keep taking the violence.

You and Jessica, It think you were never afraid of Jessica She probably looked cold back then and I think that is why Jessica is fond of you. When I see your hugs it looks so meaningful. When PDnim came to your dorm you had your foot on Sica while she reads her book and she didn’t mind. You guys were the first roommates during debut period and growing together in your precious years. I think you guys give and take from each other. I know if you need to be a bad a$$ you can choose Jessica as your partner in crime.

You and Taeyeon. I think you guys are personal rivals, you do all the same things. I find you guys awkward and your moments rare but they are cute. LOL!, You guys wake up early, wake up the members, motherly/fatherly and in different ways leaders. You two are also unnies, obviouslyTaeyeon is the older one but you guys are all basically the same age.

Even though she probably wouldn’t ask for it but when she needs help leading, I think she would go to you. You pretty much can go to Sooyoung with her outgoing personality can round up the pack.

You are much needed in the group but I would follow you everywhere. I love you Kim Hyoyeon, not only for your dancing because the “Dancing Queen” doesn’t sum you up just a little title of the many you have.

No one is like you, so please continue entertaining me and the rest of the HyoHunnies(Sones).

A extraordinary Entertainer Kim Hyo Yeon

Happy Birthday/Saengil Chukha Hamnida/ 생일 축하합니다