Help Fund Andel Ivy

HELP FUND MY COUSIN ANDEL IVY.fundraising_campaign_qrcode


Hi my name is Chantell,

I wanted to tell you about my cousin Andel. Who is a loving man, brother, father and cousin. His heart is enlarged and has an irregular heartbeat and he needs a pacemaker. He’s on dialysis from his missing kidneys for most of his life. He currently resides in Jamaica. The Jamaican hospital University Hospital of the West Indies is demanding $5,000 USD for the cost of the pacemaker and other medical expenses. Some of my family members contributed $3,200USD so now we have 1,800 USD left. The goal is in CAD. 

Any amount that you can offer will be amazing and all will go towards my cousin Andel. This will greatly help my cousin get back on his feet. We would be overjoyed to have him back to his happy life again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate this so much. If you cannot donate can you please share/reblog this. 🙂

Thank you guys 🙂


Let me know how you feel, my friend :)

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