Arm-Koji Release 0.3 (1/2)

I am BACK–

Release 0.3

I am working on QGIS, Pure, Quassel, JDom, XMLRPC, ECJ.

So far here are my results:

Recent Tasks
ID descending sort     Type     Owner     Arch     Finished     State
93572     build (dist-f13, qgis-1.6.0-2.fc13.src.rpm)     camcintosh1     noarch     2011-05-08 00:40:53     failed
93570     build (dist-f13, pure-0.47-1.fc13.src.rpm)     camcintosh1     noarch     2011-05-08 00:03:31     failed
93568     build (dist-f13, quassel-0.7.1-1.fc13.src.rpm)     camcintosh1     noarch     2011-05-07 23:49:21     failed
93566     build (dist-f13, jdom-1.1.1-1.fc13.src.rpm)     camcintosh1     noarch     2011-05-07 22:42:35     failed
93564     build (dist-f13, xmlrpc-2.0.1-6.6.fc13.src.rpm)     camcintosh1     noarch     2011-05-07  21:44:59     failed
93562     build (dist-f13, ecj-3.4.2-7.fc13.src.rpm)     camcintosh1     noarch     2011-05-07 18:18:16     closed



I Just Uploaded it and it worked, Nothing really to change.


I’ve been having ANT problems and I have been having some Dependency issues with LLVM, CLANG and OCAML. I am uploading them to Arm-koji and trying to work around the dependency issues or fix them. We will see which one will work.

I will give you more detail in the 2/2 post, so stay tuned.

•Blog Soon! •


Let me know how you feel, my friend :)

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