11 04 17 SNSD’s Taeyeon GRABBED?

SNSD Taeyeon was grabbed but some guy who seems to be a mental case.

Honestly if you keep watching this it gets scarier.

He grabbed her right after her part and tries to grab Hyoyeon.

Its very shocking and unexpected.

The way he drags her beside the stage and Sunny holds on and then Taeyeon goes to the floor, very violent and traumatizing.

If he had a knife? what now SM? what now? you know in America how tight their security is.

Whats with this loose ass security shit? even a mental case can get by? fuck Angel Price concert’s security and SM’s Security!

To have this happen is a JOKE!.

SM “After the concert, SNSD returned back to their dorms and are currently resting” well thanks idiot.


Sunny Deserves something eh, like a reward. Not many girls would’ve done this for somebody. Even sisters.

BTW, Happy Birthday to SNSD’s Jessica Jung on the 18th. Sorry for this bullshit a day before your BDay.

SNSD Fighting!

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