Arm-Koji Release 0.2 (2/2)

Release 0.2

My 0.2 Release is getting my package MRPT-0.9.0-0.2 officially tagged for Fedora 13 updates.

Below is Paul Whalen re-uploading my package as a Tag.


92717 build (dist-f13, mrpt-0.9.0-0.2.fc13.src.rpm) pwhalen noarch open
92715 build (dist-f13, linux-2.6.32-1.fc14.src.rpm) ktaraghi noarch 2011-04-04 11:22:04 closed


This is my packaging getting built by Paul W.


ID descending sort NVR Built by Finished State
15106 mrpt-0.9.0-0.2.fc13 pwhalen 2011-04-04 23:03:00 complete

In conclusion, I would like to ask Paul Whalen and Chris Tyler to send us another error packages so we can do our 0.3

I had fun doing these even though it got overwhelming. Chris and Paul helped a lot through these times. It was exciting when we did see the check mark near our Packages.

We will keep trying to fix errors and submitting them to the Fedora 13 updates and close the tickets listed in the last column of our Project Page.


Links [Arm-Koji/Our Team Project Page/Failed-List]:



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