Builing Xnee with Mock and Koji (2/2)

Fixed the errors in the build.log and it ran with mock and koji.

YAY me!

Link to Package on Koji page:


Running watch task for my SRPM:

[camcintosh1@]$ koji watch-task 2872644
Watching tasks (this may be safely interrupted)...
2872644 build (dist-f13, xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm): closed
 2872646 buildArch (xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm, i686): closed
 2872645 buildArch (xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm, x86_64): closed

2872644 build (dist-f13, xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm) completed successfully


Running koji command:

[camcintosh1@]$ koji build dist-f13 --scratch xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm
Uploading srpm: xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm
[====================================] 100% 00:01:09   3.42 MiB  50.49 KiB/sec
Created task: 2872644


Set up my machine for Koji:

[camcintosh1]$ fedora-packager-setup


Build Errors with Mock:

[camcintosh1@]$ mock -r fedora-13-i386 xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm
INFO: Done(xnee-3.08-1.fc13.src.rpm) Config(fedora-13-i386) 24 minutes 17 seconds
checking for XTestFakeMotionEvent  in -lXext... no
 **** ERROR ****
Could not locate the needed X11 extensions:
Make sure you have them installed before building Xnee
 ... on Debian do: apt-get install libxtst-dev

RPM build errors:
Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.39QEKD (%build)
 Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.39QEKD (%build)

Xnee.spec file (Things changed for errors to be successful):
BuildRequires: xorg-x11-apps, libXtst-devel, libpanelappletmm-devel, gtk+-devel, desktop-file-utils, ghostscript, tetex, ImageMagick


Link To Xnee SRPM:

•Blog Soon! •


Xnee Koji


Let me know how you feel, my friend :)

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